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Epicor Changes to Product Support

Epicor have revamped their customer support policy to improve their services so what does this mean to you?

The new policy has two elements Active Support and Sustaining Support. Epicor have announced that any release within two years of the general availability date will receive optimum support under an Active Support policy giving access to the latest technology advancements, current software updates along with experiences support back up.

For companies on software releases older than two years from general availability Epicor will no longer be providing with the same level support as in the past, these customers will come under the Sustaining Support policy focused on promoting stability with access to experienced support resource, access to existing software updates and the technology advancements through the Epicor upgrade programme.
This change is a notable shift in the support policy as Epicor have in the past supported nearly all the software releases it has brought to market. Although this change may sound like it is for the worse, for Epicor customers it does bring them into line with all the major players in the ERP marketplace.
Additionally, it allows Epicor to provide its customers with a roadmap for their digital transformation and improve its services for the most recent products released along with their attractive upgrades policy it allows businesses to plan for upgrades and improvements whilst allowing Epicor to provide a more robust and responsive service.

Active Support
Up to 2 years from GA

Sustaining Support
2+ years from GA
(no expiration)

Epicor Support, Which Are You?

If you are not clear as to which level of support your business can expect going forward, why not contact GHA Solutions and we will advise and help you establish the impact of the changes to ensure you have all the information at hand to make informed decisions for your business.

Keep Your System Up-to-Date

Though you do not necessarily need to be on the latest release of software, you do want to ensure the software version is one that falls into the Active Support and is less than two years after general availability to get the best support. The longer you wait the greater the delays in bug fixes and support resulting in the greater chance of impact on the performance of the software in your business.

Considering budget allocation, scheduling version updates to software, user test scripts and support are all a part of getting the best performance from your software. We at GHA Solutions can offer all the services you need to ensure you get value for money for you investment in Epicor.

Ready to Upgrade?

Consult With Us

Epicor have made the decision to partner with GHA to supplement their own in-house upgrade delivery team ensuring they have the capacity and first class capabilities to meet the demands of their customers.  GHA was chosen because we fully committed to getting our team successfully certified in the most recent version of the software, so using GHA as your partner you get a team with both understanding of the latest software and immense industry knowledge.  All these factors along with our first class support give your business the best opportunity to successfully upgrade, minimising the risk and cost.