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So with the engine out it was time to start looking at removing the old paint ready for re-painting. In order to protect the engine internals I made some blanking plates for the inlet and exhaust on a 3D printer.













Once these were fitted I started to look at cleaning back the paint, however the condition of the paint made me realise that the best solution will be to strip the engine and send the parts away for blasting and painting. However, with the current lockdown this will have to wait.

Stripping the engine, will give me the opportunity to the change the main bearings and check the rest of the internals for wear and tear.

So, as I can’t get on with the engine, I thought I would strip the wheels ready for blasting and painting. The bearings are pressed in from either side, not having a blind bearing puller I made a drift from an old file and drifted one side out.






With the bearings out, it was time to remove the cush drive rubbers, these are pressed into the rear wheel and from reading the forums these can be entertaining to remove.

The suggested method was to use a masonry rail bolt, which would expand in the hole and provide enough grip to pull the bush out.







First the raw bolt has to be tightened in the bush, then a large socket is placed over the bush and with the application of heat from a hot air gun, the bush can be extracted.







I will have to wait for the lockdown to be removed, then I can get the tyre removed. The next step will be to remove the bearings and discs from the front wheel.