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Our Services

General ERP 

Spec and Select

With Spec and Select we help you define your requirements by reviewing your needs right now and going forward.  We work with you to ensure you are involved and in control of the process. We ensure you gain the relevant knowledge in order for you to make the decisions required in any selection process.

“Value for money, assured of focused and cost effective services that will ensure the best possible outcome of any engagement”

What We Offer

  • Review and document the business requirements for your project
  • Assistance with business case verification
  • Source vendors for business and technology solutions
  • Supplier selection services
  • Consultancy

Project Administration

Director of Project

GHA directs the given project, providing strategic advice and project assurance

Project Management

GHA manages a project on behalf of the client, liaising with selected vendors

Consultancy Services

Whether it is Business or Software Consultancy, GHA provides skilled resources to the assignment, working under the guidance of the Project Manager


GHA sources permanent resources on behalf of the client, providing application and technology skills, allowing you to become self-sufficient


  • Gather business requirements and build business case for a possible solution
  • Analyse and monitor current project implementation performance recommending corrective actions if required
  • Review post ERP implementation for business improvement opportunities
  • Review perceived failed or failing projects with a view of recovery
  • Review single business area requirements to improve use and performance of ERP

Project Recovery

As official Epicor partners, we also have project recovery capabilities. Therefore, if your Epicor projects are on the verge of failure, or have completely failed, don’t worry, as the GHA team have the right solutions and capabilities to bring your projects back to life and back on the road to success. We have worked with clients that have been in very difficult situations and by combining our experience of ERP 9 and E10, our team have always managed to turn the situation around and helped our clients believe in the power of Epicor once again.