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Working alongside Parttrap to help skyrocket your digital sales process using ONE platform

Not your usual eCommerce platform!

Parttrap® ONE offers everything you need for your online business in ONE solution. Providing you with powerful CMS, PIM and eCommerce already integrated to your back-end Epicor system. Regardless of whether you run a local company or a multinational enterprise, Parttrap® ONE will manage your online business and support your growth.

Powerful eCommerce features to skyrocket your digital sales process

Parttrap® ONE is a complete platform for your online business that will be enjoyed by your customers and sales staff. Powerful product search, rich product presentation and efficient order entry simplifies the process for customers to do business with you. Support your customers with 24/7 customer service with order tracking, pricing and stock availability.

Additional features include:

● Honoring business logic and settings in Epicor
● Customer specific assortment and pricing
● Supports complex products and aftermarket sales
● Multiple brands, languages, currencies and market settings available
● B2B, B2C, B2B2X and homepage in one platform
● Order approval process, punch-out and roundtrips
● Claims, returns and quotation management


Take control over your product data with the integrated PIM system

Rich and updated product information is vital in any professional eCommerce solution. Parttrap® ONE provides you with a powerful Product Information Management (PIM) system that seamlessly interacts with your ERP system and lets you enrich and improve your product data.

Additional features include:

● Create new relations and attributes for your products
● Manage product assortments per market, customer or user
● Provide customers with a powerful product search
● Guide users step-by-step with filter panels and selection wizards
● Omnichannel enablement

Content Management has never been easier

Create advanced responsive sites and personalized content without any need for programming skills using the web-based administration tool, Parttrap® ONE Studio. The tool allows you to flexibly create responsive pages using drag and drop whilst still having the option to display personal content based on user type. Utilize the latest front-end technologies and the integrated image and document library all in one place. Allowing you the freedom to centrally manage multiple sites.

Reliable real-time data all day long!

Your customers expect reliable real-time data! Make sure you give them this with the built-in two-way integration with your back-end ERP-system. The integration honors all relevant settings in Epicor and is flexible enough to support multiple companies, sites, markets or brands. It even supports mapping of custom fields in Epicor as well as logical operations on the data. Additionally, due to the smart integration method, the load on your production server is reduced to a minimum.

Succeed with ONE solution!

Parttrap® ONE offers an innovating approach to advanced B2B eCommerce. Re-use everything you have built in your ERP system, add the enrichment needed to support the purchase decision and provide the business information and customer service your customers require in real-time! The best part – it is all configurable standard functionality delivered out-of-the-box and packaged in ONE solution.

The benefits that Parttrap® ONE can bring to you:

● No need for multiple vendors– complete end-to-end solution
● Single point of contact – product to implementation to support
● Utilize full functionality – standard integration between PIM, ERP and CMS out-of-the-box

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The partnership between GHA and Parttrap enables us to deliver Parttrap® ONE, a platform that offers everything you need for your online business in ONE solution. Not only does it provide you with powerful CMS, PIM and eCommerce – it is already integrated to your back-end Epicor system as well.

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