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Our Team

Harry Atkinson
Managing Director

Harry has worked in the software professional services sector since 1986 undertaking various roles as director, programme director and project manager. Bringing over 40 years of experience to the ERP sector, specialising in advising, guiding, mentoring companies through the process of change. In particular, leading or recovering high value, high profile or high risk multi-international projects.  Harry’s experiences allow him the ability to understand and deliver the business needs from the boardroom down to the shop floor, building the necessary confidence with all levels of the organisation to achieve goals and objectives.  He has the ability and confidence to deliver solutions that meet the requirements of both the customer and vendor through his strong communication skills aligned with a disciplined approach, working with a strong ethos of passion, integrity and honesty.

Harry has undertaken numerous assignments working in many different countries and  built up a wealth of international industry knowledge in many vertical markets that include ERP, manufacturing, engineering and making to order, oil and gas, electronics,  automotive, defence, aerospace, pharmaceutical, retail and distribution along with financial services and not for profit. The major part of the last 30 years of his working career has been at a senior decision making level where his exposure to a wide range of circumstances has given him a unique skill in providing and attaining successful solutions.

Harry is able to turn ideas into reality by listening to both the business and end-user problems and involving them in all stages of the solution whilst ensuring the solution remains in line with business needs.

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Andy Wilson
Operations Director

Andy undertook an Engineering apprenticeship upon leaving school achieving a HND in mechanical engineering. He spent 28 years working in the engineering sector, mainly in aerospace, defence, automotive and medical.

Andy has gained experience at all levels, from the coal face up to senior management, working across many sectors; purchasing, quality, production engineering and manufacturing.

Having a well-rounded background in manufacturing, Andy has gained a better insight into understanding the customers’ requirements for an ERP implementation or upgrade.

Andy’s creative thinking and excellent problem solving skills paired with his teambuilding and interpersonal skills are instrumental in his approach to customer satisfaction.

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Gary Gedney
Technical Director

Gary is a highly motivated and customer service focused individual who believes in keeping things simple and using technology to drive efficiency. Gary believes in utilising innovative technologies to aid accuracy and productivity.

Gary has experience from numerous industries, having started work in administration, then quickly leaning towards IT support and then furthering on to management. Gary has accumulated over 15 years of experience in IT, ranging from support through to consultancy.

Gary has over 10 years of experience using Epicor, always thinking outside of the box to deliver solutions to customers requirements.

Taking the customer on the journey of what ERP can do for them, and resolving the issues on the way is what drives Gary to succeed.


Susannah Marshall
Customer Support Specialist

Susannah, a dedicated and professional Customer service administrator with 20 years’ experience. A self-motivated individual who thrives when given responsibility, setting her own personal objectives to achieve high standards of service.

Previously worked for over 5 years on Government & commercial accounts managing the individual demands of each customer, taking the initiative and demonstrating the core skills of resourcefulness, flexibility and adaptability sometimes under stressful and pressured situations.

Susannah’s core strengths are ensuring that work is carried out efficiently and effectively, but more importantly in accordance with the company’s procedures that results in a high level of client satisfaction.

Phil Manning
System Solutions Manager

Phil has over 12 years’ experience in designing, implementing and troubleshooting IT infrastructure and line-of-business applications both on-premise and in the cloud.

He is a highly motivated, passionate and resourceful consultant, delivering a broad portfolio of successful projects and a wide range of solutions working with start-ups to enterprise level organisations across quasi-public, public and commercial business sectors.

With exceptional people and communication skills, he has excelled leading technical and implementation teams when supporting complex infrastructure and software projects.

Phil enjoys working with customers and dedicated to delivering the right solutions to fit the business requirements, with attention to detail and a commitment to high standards.

Peter Roden
Development Manager

Starting in 1993, Peter has been working on development projects ranging from modelling chemical reactions to school registration systems, throughout that time he has kept his skills current using various tools and development languages.

Working in various software systems in the manufacturing and warehousing arena since 2002 and specifically with Epicor ERP from 2007, Peter has extensive experience of developing both within Epicor using the toolkit and creating complementary external add-ons.

As Epicor ERP as a product has developed and grown, Peter has recognised the opportunities Epicor ERP gives him to enhance the user experience for business through configuration, automation and its ability to connect using its comprehensive API, allowing him to provide solutions that meet customer business needs.

As advocate of the Six Sigma and lean manufacturing, he is keen to see this approach being adopted by business to achieve the most effective developments. Peter recognises computer systems are tools to assist businesses achieve effective operational efficiencies and not obstruct or hinder in the execution of day to day processing.

He believes the business needs and user needs should be aligned and always works to bring the two together.

Steve Watson
Business Consultant

Steve is a very experienced and service driven individual who has more than 40 years business experience and over 15 years knowledge and experience implementing Epicor ERP into businesses across the UK, Europe and Africa.

Steve has worked across many industry sectors such as discrete and process manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and defence and has working experience in the many facets of an organisation, working with the user environment up to board/senior management level.

Having moved into the IT industry as a business analyst via a customer service role, Steve’s process thinking and problem solving, paired with his ability to provide a solution for a business problem is what drives Steve to succeed.

Josh Sweeney
Junior Developer

Josh has recently finished a BTEC in computing and is currently studying for a degree apprenticeship in software development at GHA Solutions. He aims to build a career in software development.

Josh is interested in the technologies behind development and the deployment of software. He likes to keep up with the current trends in computing to improve customer’s and developer’s user experience.

Previously he worked at Lloyds Pharmacy where he learnt the importance of data integrity and confidentiality.

Bart Wojda
Junior Developer

Bart is currently studying a degree apprenticeship in Software Development at GHA Solutions. Here he plans to start off his career as a Software Developer.

After finishing A-levels Bart worked as an Office Administrator at Studio Retail Ltd where he was responsible for the compilation and entry of sensitive data which was used by the Senior Leadership Team for analysis. He was involved in streamlining these processes and this is what pushed him to find an Apprenticeship in Software Development.

Working as an Office Administrator made him realise that programs need to be intuitive and robust, these are now his main goals alongside thorough testing from every angle, making sure everything works as intended.

Bart was born in Poland, which has a tradition of being hardworking and passionate, and his background shows in his work ethic.