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Mobile Field Service Applications

Mobile Field Service Light 

GHA Mobile Field Service “Lite” for Epicor Kinetic ERP


GHA’s Mobile Field Service light is designed to enhance Epicor’s standard Field Service Module, add critical functionality and take it mobile.

GHA Solutions has designed their Mobile Field Service “lite “ application to integrate seamlessly with Epicor Kinetics standard field service module. The applications builds on the existing functionality of the core product to give true mobile capabilities to the user.

Enhanced service call functionality to allow travel time and mileage to be recorded, allow different labour rates to be charged at service job level, create fixed cost jobs and specify incremental minimum labour times charges. Make setting up service calls easier, create jobs direct from a quote, use templates to create jobs and bring constancy and repeatability to the process.

Designed to work with easily available and affordable technology, alongside its ease of use, the GHA app makes the time and cost of introduction to the business very attractive to existing Epicor customers.

The feature rich mobile application allows the technician to scroll through their planned jobs and see the details of each, allows them to plan their work, see history of previous calls even update the actual location of the kit when you have arrived.

Allow the technician to add billable or non-billable tasks and materials to the jobs to ensure full capture of the work undertaken. Added billable non-billable expenses and fill out an activity report whilst on site and if required let the technician confirm and request an addition visit if its required.

This is supported from Epicor 10.2.600 onwards

Enhanced Mobile Field Service 

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