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Welcome to My Ducati 749 restoration Blog, the bike in question is a 2003 Ducati 749 Biposta, is the best colour available, Yellow.


I bought the bike, knowing it needed a bit of love, but my intention was to tidy it up slowly, however after a few rides, it failed to start, a quick check of the diagnostic codes revealed the file pump relay had failed.

In their infinite wisdom, Ducati located the relay down behind the battery right at the bottom of the fairing, right in the path of all the crud, that is thrown up from the front wheel.

Removing the Relay is quite straightforward, remove the N/S fairing panel once you got the seized screws out, remove the battery and battery box (along with a fair few connectors on the way)

However, it was at this point, I decide I was fed up scrabbling on the floor, so I splashed out on a motorcycle lift. Big mistake, once the bike was on the lift all the really corroded parts were now easy to see, there was no way I could leave it, so the strip down began.


My plan now is get the frame, swing arm, sub-frame and wheels painted. The paint on the engine is really flaking, but I really don’t want to strip it down to get it repainted, but I am not sure painting it assembled with give me the results I would like.

First, I need to organise some storage to store all the parts, as although they are quite compact, bikes have a habit of growing very quickly when you strip them down.