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After a closer inspection, the vertical cylinder link pipe turned out to be ever so slightly secondhand, so that has been added to the list of parts to find. I am considering having the exhaust ceramic coated before it is refitted.







I did quite a bit of research into removing the swingarm pivot, most of the post I read talked about using blood, sweat and tears, lots of heat and a very large hammer. I was very lucky, this one slid straight out with no issues at all. I am contemplating changing the swingarm into the later style box section swing arm, as I feel it looks better and you can add bobbins on for a paddock stand.

The swingarm was removed as a complete assembly with the shock absorber, this will be stripped down at a later date.

The swingarm will need to be replaced as it is quite heavily damaged where the bike had been down the road at some point. The shock absorber looks in pretty good shape, but again will go away to be rebuilt before it finds its way back onto the bike.






Using the block and tackle the front was lifted up, the front wheel removed and then the forks. The wheels will be repainted at some point and the discs are still serviceable. The callipers will require a complete strip down and reassembly.

The fork legs are very corroded, and I am not sure they will clean up very easily, the lowers are supposed to unscrew, whether or not this will be possible without damaging another part of the fork, time will tell. Re-anodising is not very successful on these, so maybe they will have to be painted.











The triple clamps were next to be removed, this required a special tool, to undo the top nut, and I was surprised to see Ducati had used ball bearings rather than rollers.






The bearings look in good condition, but I will still replace these with a set of taper rolling bearings when the rebuild begins.

The subframe was removed, which was found to be very heavy, I am tempted to look around for a mono-posto one and convert it to a single seater. The last two engine bolts were removed and the frame was lifted up to the ceiling, this will stay there until the engine has been cleaned up and repainted.






The next step is to store all the parts I have taken off, away, then find an engine stand, so that I can start work on the engine.