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Spoiler Alert

One of the things we wanted to do was add front and rear spoilers to our van, for no other reason than we like the style.We also wanted to change the headlights to a more modern LED style and add some LED daytime running lights (DRL’s)

As a reminder, this is what the front of the van looked like when we originally bought it.








We purchased a Sportline Front and rear spoiler set and a set of DRLs from https://travelinlite-transporters.co.uk and sent them to our local paint shop to be painted and fitted, we asked the paint shop to fit them as the spoilers are bonded on.

I didn’t take a picture of the rear of the van, but here is a picture form an advert for the rear spoilers, they sit on top of the rear barn doors.






Here is a shot of the front, you can see the spoiler at the bottom, with the black inserts around the spotlights.








Next up were the new headlights, in order to remove the old ones, the whole front bumper has to be lowered, if we were doing this again we would do this before getting the spoilers fitted.

Its not a difficult job to lower the front bumper but there is a lot of screws and some of them are just hard to get to, once the bumper is removed the headlights can be unplugged and removed.








Here are the new headlights, they are called light bar headlights and the two light bars in each headlights are on all the time.

Version 2





Next up are the DRL’s. In order to fit the DRL’s we had to remove the two blanking plates either side of the lower grille, these clip in and are quite easy to remove.








Once removed we had to modify the bumper behind by removing some of the material behind the blanking plates, this is the area below the square hole, and to the outside. Once these areas have been removed the wires are run down to them, there is a small control box, which will DIM the DRL’s when the headlights come on.









Once the wires have been run, the DRL’s can be connected and the new panels clipped back into place, a quick test and we have this.








We think they look pretty cool.

As we showed last time, the furniture has turned up, we chose gloss white units with black gloss worktops. however before we can begin to assemble the units, every panel has to have the edges filed, this is because when they come of the router, the edges are very sharp and prone to chipping.

Once all the edges have been filed, all the edges have to have some rubber trim knocked on, this takes a fair bit of time and care.








Once all the trim was knocked on, we started to assemble the larger unit at the back, the units are very well made and very simple to assemble. All the panels have tabs and slots to make the joints stronger, anywhere a screw will go, has a hole for a small rawl plug, which of course has to be knocked in.

Firstly we dry assembled the unit on the floor.








Once happy with it, we screwed it all together and fitted the tambour doors, ready for fitting into the van, here is the finished unit.



We will attempt to fit this unit before we build and fit the front one.