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Now it was time for the last two windows, well one actually as one was to be a dummy window, to keep the lines of the van symmetrical, we decided we didn’t like the finish from the previous window, so we bought some windows trims, this allowed us to cut the windows out and carpet at different times.

As the window at the rear was to be a dummy, we had to paint a black panel behind so that you could not see the white paint through it, painting it black would make it look the same as all the others.








This was masked up and painted with matt black paint, and allowed to harden. To ensure no damage occurred during the cutting out process, we masked off the inside of the van with plastic sheeting, this ensured no spray sparks damaged any of the interior or windows.



As previous we drilled the corners, and then cut the hole out with a cutting disc, then the corners were filed to shape, it was a cold day, so both tubes of window adhesive were put in a bucket of warm water, this makes the application a lot easier.









When we applied the adhesive to the rear dummy window, we left two gaps at the bottom to allow any condensation to run out, the last thing we wanted was rust to start.

With the adhesive on the windows were offered up and taped into place to avoid them sliding under their own weight while the adhesive cured.








The next job was to make some ply panels for the side we had carpeted, the standard panel does not go all the way to the bottom, so we extend it on the ply panel we made.








In order to keep the vent holes for the slam vent, wee bonded on a T5 Roundel, and applied some speaker mesh to the rear, to allow the air to travel through.








We connected the light switches and USB power to the wires that we had previously run behind the panel, then cut out the small panel that goes behind the sliding door, we added some more USB ports and another light switch to enable two way switching of the lights.



This will allow us to turn the lights on, when entering the van, and turn them off from the bed end of the van, we hope to fit a solar panel next week, weather permitting.