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We have had a set of alloy wheels in boxes in the front room since November last year, we have put off having them fitted until the current tyres needed replacing. Last week, we had one advisory on the MOT which was for the front tyres, they still had plenty of tread, but is seemed a good excuse to change them.

We ordered the tyres and made an appointment to have them fitted, I always use https://www.sunsettyres.co.uk as they are part of our  our local independent VW dealer, and offer good prices but above all very good advice and good technicians.

As we have a white van, we wanted black wheels, the issue being they have to be load rated, as do the tyres. We choose some genuine VW wheels, that are available for the newer version of the Transporter.













We also fitted the Vinyl floor covering, a well tried and tested product is Altro, which is a hard wearing anti-slip industrial flooring.

We removed our wooden floor and laid it on top of the vinyl and drew round it.








We rough cut the shape allowing about 5mm all round, then refitted the wooden floor and trimmed the vinyl to fit, once this was in we were able to fit the rubber trims around the apertures for the seat rails.


Now the vinyl flooring is in, we will be able to fit the units, which were duly ordered, and look what has turned up.








We have also ordered a front and rear spoiler, some new LED headlights and some new LED DRL’s (Daytime Running Lights), these will need to be painted and the spoilers will need to be fitted at the paint shop.