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One of the first things that needed to go was the metal bulkhead behind the front seats, this consists of two pressed steel panels, joined horizontally across the middle, screwed to a metal frame.

In order for me to achieve this, I needed two skilled tradesman to assist, and as if by magic, just the thing turned up.


img_9343 img_9345

Very soon that had undone all the bolts and safely removed the two metal panels.only leaving the metal frame around the edge.

Like most tradesmen they are justifiably proud with their efforts.


This left the metal frame in place, the upper (black) section, is bolted in and easily removed, the lower (white) section is brazed in and will need grinding out at a later date.

Next up were the ply panels that had been screwed into the van, these had been fitted over the standard VW panels in order to protect the metalwork inside the van.


Luckily the two skilled tradesman were still on site and proceeded to remove the panels from the rear doors.

img_9361 img_9360


Then their Boss turned up to check on them and gave us all a masterclass in the proper use of power tools.



whoever fitted them had used some self tappers to fix some plastic corner brackets into the rear and sliding doors, which will still be seen once the windows are fitted, I don’t really want to weld these up or fill them, as I will end up having to paint pretty much the whole inside of the doors.


Very soon all the panels were removed, these will be kept and used for various parts of the project later on,


Underneath all the ply, the bodywork was in quite good condition, removing the floor panels, uncovered a good clean floor, with very little damage.


Once all the ply was out the floor panels were temporarily put back down, and the stowage retention hooks  removed, I fitted some stainless steel grub screws and sealed these in with some tiger seal.


Hopefully this will provide a better seal to the outside world, than just filling the holes,

Next up will be some sound deadening and installing the cabling for the split charging system and 230v hook up.