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So after popping our window fitting cherry, it was time to fit some more and do some carpet lining at the same time.

Before we fitted them, we had to paint the metalwork behind where the windows will meet black, so this was masked off and painted.


Fitting the window in the sliding door, followed the same process as the fitting the windows in the back door, the window in the rear panel however was done differently.

We wanted to finish the carpet lining under the edge trim of the window, so we had to cut the hole for the window, install the carpet lining then fit the window.

First job is to cut the hole in the side panel following using the inner side panel as a guide.







Then all the holes on the metalwork inside need to be covered with aluminium tape, this stuff is very sticky, and not easy to remove.

















This stops the carpet sagging in the holes, all the metal work was then sprayed with the adhesive as was the back of the carpet, then working from front to back, the carpet was slowly stretched into place and trimmed up.

Then we fitted the window trim as previous and bonded the window into place and let the adhesive cure.









Once the adhesive had cured we refitted the internal panels, these are to be replaced with carpeted ply panels eventually, this was the end result, we are quite pleased with the finish,