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Our van didn’t come from fog lights and this was on our list of modifications, so we bought a specific kit for our model of van.

It came from Travelinlite  https://travelinlite-transporters.co.uk

The kit was very comprehensive and came with a new switch, a relay, a dedicated wiring loom, two fog lights, two replacement bulbs and two fog light trims.

It was very easy to fit, first of all remove the top of the air filter to allow access to the panel behind, then remove that.


The panel is quite hard to remove, but can be wiggled free, the grommet you can see behind needs to be removed for the cables to pass through.

The loom is run down through the engine bay and along the bottom of the radiator watched to the anti roll bar.

The fog lights are just screws in and the new trims clipped back into place.









A hole needs to be drilled in the panel that was removed, this was the only tricky part as the hole you have to drill is smaller than the ring terminal on the end of the look, however with some persuasion we managed to coax it through.

Remove the grommet and cut a hole in it and pass the loom through into the cab area, we found it impossible to re-fit the plate without removing the wipers and trim.



The air filter can then be refitted, inside the cab remove the light switch, this is easily done by pushing in the knob and turning it to the twelve o clock position, it then just pulls out. Remove the connector from the back of the switch and locate position No. 8.


One of the wires from the relay slots into the back of the connector, then the relay is mounted behind the trim and connected to the live feed from the light switch, earthed to the metal frame and connected to the loom. Push the switch back in, clip the end of the dashboard back on and you’re ready to go.







I got to try them out the very next week on a trip into Bristol along some country lanes in some thick fog, they are very good.


Another popular modification is the extra from door seal, you can purchase this with self adhesive tape already affixed, this is easily applied to the each cab door,










The difference this makes is huge, the sound when shutting the door is a lot more solid, and the noise reduction is great. Effectively there are now two door seals around the door, it also keeps the inside of the door cleaner as nothing come past the extra seal.