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Now most of the wiring is done it is time to fit the curtains, we got them frorm https://www.kiravans.co.uk/

They are a very well made piece of kit, the rails are preformed to suit the different window profiles, they are labelled as to which window they fit and whether they are the top or bottom rail.







Offer up the correct rail and spot through the middle hole, then remove the rail and drill through, the rear doors have a second skin just under the window surround, which can grab the drill as it penetrates.







The rails are held on with self tapping screws, there are separate end caps which are screwed on once the curtains have been slid on. Fit the first screw then drill and screw the remaining holes.







The curtains are made from stretch fabric, so they stay taught across the whole window length.







Once we have slid them on the rail, the end caps are screwed on, and then two poppers are screwed onto one end of the window to hold them back.


Also from Kiravans we bought a door store, this is a replacement sliding door panel which has built in storage, every little piece of space needs to be utilised in the van.







This is held on with some long panel clips, and offers three shelves, which I am sure the kids will fill up with stuff.


As the television will be mounted just behind the drivers seat on the B’ pillar, I added a TV power and aerial point at the bottom.







The TV point is connected to an aerial point under the bonnet, where the aerial will be connected.


After a long search and ordering two wrong size caps, we managed to find the right size waterproof dust cap, who knew there were so many different aerial sizes.