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GHA and Anvizent have partnered to deliver an Innovative Analytics Solution.

Go Live on Day One

Anvizent can be deployed overnight at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This ensures instant value and a faster Return on Investment (ROI) than any other solution in the market. Enjoy the availability to a fully integrated end-to-end manufacturing analytics solution with absolutely no set up costs.

Epicor E10 Integrated, Ready to Go

The data is there in your Epicor ERP system but why do not let us allow you to use this data in a way like your business has never been able to do before? It’s time to harness the full value of your Epicor data by accessing rich, real-time insights with Anvizent.

Access to 100+ Specific Dashboards

Have the ability to answer all your business critical questions through a one-click access to 100+ fully functioning manufacturing specific dashboards with the metrics that matter to you most. Allow your full business to gain a competitive advantage by having the ability to spot trends, uncover hidden opportunities, issues and get to the root of the cause.

Bring All Your Data Together to Gain the Bigger Picture

If you have data is distributed across multiple data sources and systems it’s difficult to optimise the value of like data from those systems manually. Anvizent allows the development of a mini data warehouse which can consolidate all your systems data into one common data set. Consolidate your ERPs, CRMs and MES.

Only Pay if You Like

Once Anvizent has been implemented overnight at zero cost to you, they then allow a test drive for 30 days where you only pay if you like it. But the saving doesn’t stop there Anvizent users can see up to 65% savings over other platforms.

Ready to Upgrade?

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GHA has partnered with Anvizent because it gives us the ability to provide our customers the tools to consolidate and maximise the use of data regardless of the source .