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GHA have full access to the Epicor Upgrade Tools. We fully committed ourselves to ensuring our team was successfully certified in the most recent version of the software, so using GHA as your partner you get a team with both understanding of the latest software and immense industry knowledge.

FastClose is a reporting solution with a built-in understanding of the structure of your ERP out of the box; it installs and can be delivering value against your own data in under 40 minutes. With different tools for different types of user, FastClose also integrates with both Excel and Power BI.

GHA have partnered with Parttrap to deliver you Parttrap ONE, a platform that offers everything you need for your online business in ONE solution. GHA have partnered with Parttrap, not only does it provide you with powerful CMS, PIM and eCommerce – it can be integrated to your back-end Epicor system as well.
Business analysis is a significant aspect for any company/business. At GHA we know change is a constant and to stay ahead of the market and push your business to the front, it is important to have effective business analysis. The methods we use help you stay in front and keep up with the future trends of your industry.


The GHA team are Epicor specialists, with 40 years of experience our solutions are ones that you can trust. As an official Epicor partner, we can help enhance your business beginning with methodology through to implementation, consultancy and project recovery solutions are also available.
All organisations conduct initial training during the implementation and once systems go live, the training stops. At GHA, not only do we provide the initial training, we also  provide bespoke, ongoing training as we believe the learning never stops.
System customisation is important for business due to the ever changing demands of customers and technology. Our team work hard to make the changes suit your needs and keep ensuring your business can grow.
GHA technical consultants will review and advise you not only on the technical aspects of your ERP installation, but also the ancillary applications that have touch points to your ERP system.
Getting accurate information out of your ERP system is paramount to ensure that the right decisions are made to promote business sustainability and growth.

Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform facilitates integration and automation between Epicor ERP and other business systems, applications and web services.

To find out how your business can benefit from our ERP Solutions, simply contact one of our specialists today on: +44 (0) 1908 465 670

Themis Inspire and Achieve Awards 2023

We had a great night at Burnley Football Club for the Themis Inspire and Achieve Awards 2023, an event organised by Burnley College for their outstanding Apprentice Scheme.

The night was topped by GHA’s own Josh Sweeney winning the Degree Apprentice Award for his work on the GHA MFS , MIMMs and AP Automation offering for Epicor Kinetic ERP.

Proud moment for him, his family and all of us at GHA, Well done Josh!

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